The Great Schooner Model Society

2000 Events

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Festival (May 21, 2000)

The Great Schooner Model Society held its first regatta of the new millenium at the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Festival in beautiful St. Michaels, Maryland. The sky was overcast all day, but no rain fell. Unfortunately, the winds were light and variable, causing much frustration amongst the captains.

Marty Hayes debuted his new Schooner, Lady Jane built on a fiberglass hull modeled after the Morgan 45 class. The new design showed excellent speed in light winds, with excellent acceleration for a 6 foot long boat. Winning 3 out of 5 races, Marty clearly demonstrated that modern hulls can outperform hulls designed over 100 years ago. The only disappointment for Marty was in the 5th race, when Bob improperly turned in front of Marty around the last mark, resulting in a broken bow-sprit (which wasn't very strong in the first place) on Marty's Schooner.

Don Miller also debuted a new Schooner (unknown name), which was about half the size of Marty's. The little schooner looked great and seemed to sail well, but it had some radio problems throughout the day, which prevented everyone from seeing it's true potential.

Rounding our the participants were Herb and Bob Jones, operating the Edna Lockwood Bugeye and the White Haven Gloucester Schooner, respectively. Frank Pittelli also participated with the Sandy Lee Chinese Junk.

Marty Hayes won the silver trophy for the day based on the following race standings:

Race 1 Bob, Marty, Herb, Frank
Race 2 Marty, Herb, Bob, Frank
Race 3 Marty, Herb, Bob, Frank
Race 4 Bob, Herb, Marty, Frank
Race 5 Marty, Herb, Frank, Bob