The Great Schooner Model Society

Event Reports

Surgent Spring Regatta - April 6, 2003

The Society's racing season began, as always, with the Surgent Spring Regatta, held at the home of George and Marla Surgent. Unfortunately, the un-official reporter for the Society (Frank Pittelli) was unable to attend and, therefore, details and photos are non-existent. Nonethessless, here were the official race results as recorded by George Surgent:

  1st 2nd 3rd
Race #1 Buck McClellan Herb Jones Bob Jones
Race #2 Buck McClellan Herb Jones George Surgent
Race #3 Buck McClellan George Surgent Marty Hayes
Race #4 Buck McClellan Marty Hayes George Surgent
Race #5 Herb Jones Marty Hayes Mike Summers
Race #6 Marty Hayes Buck McClellan Herb Jones

Port Urbanna Regatta - May 17, 2003

The Society was asked to participate in the First Annual Port Urbanna Regatta, held in Port Urbanna, Virgina. The regatta had great turn-out for its first occurrence, with schooners and skipjack races held throughout the day. The weather was overcast and cold, but otherwise good for sailing.

Unfortunately, the un-official Society reporter was unable to attend because of a broken leg, so no details or photos are available. Nonetheless, the following results were recorded by Herb Jones:

  1st 2nd 3rd
Race #1 John Atwood Herb Jones Bob Jones
Race #2 John Atwood Herb Jones Bob Jones
Race #3 John Atwood Herb Jones Bob Jones
Race #4 John Atwood Herb Jones Bob Jones

Calvert Marine Museum - June 22, 2003

With an extremely wet spring behind them, the Society members met at the Calvert Marine Museum for the annual early summer regatta that always attracts the most participants. John Atwood came up from Virginia, fresh after sweeping the Urbanna Regatta, looking to extend his victory streak. Unfortunately, John would be racing in Maryland waters this time, eliminating his home-waters advantage from a few weeks past. Frank Pittelli, re-cooperating from a broken leg, would also make his season debut, hoping to gain some sort of advantage from his handicap condition. (A number of Society members have different opinions on precisely what Frank's handicap actually is, but they all agreed that he didn't deserve any special treatment!)

The regatta was well attended, with 10 boats on the water during most of the races. The conditions, as always, at the Museum are variable, because of various buildings, trees and boats around the racing area. Nonetheless, the breeze was moderate throughout the day providing some excellent races. Fortunately, the rain held off throughout the day, although plenty of storm clouds were seen coming and going.

A total of 8 races were recorded, with the following results:

  1st 2nd 3rd
Race #1 Bob Jones Marty Hayes Frank Pittelli
Race #2 Bob Jones Frank Pittelli Marty Hayes
Race #3 Herb Jones John Atwood George Surgent
Race #4 Frank Pittelli John Atwood Buck McClellan
Race #5 Herb Jones Tom ??? Bob Jones
Race #6 Herb Jones Tom ??? Frank Pittelli
Race #7 Herb Jones Tom ??? Marty Hayes
Race #8 Tom ??? Herb Jones Marty Hayes

Jones' Regatta - July 6, 2003

The Jones' Regatta hosted by Herb and Bob Jones in Columbia, Maryland always provides lots of exciting racing for those who attend. The 2003 edition proved to be quite challenging as well, with puffy conditions throughout the day, providing skippers with plenty of opportunities to be on the wrong side of the wind-shift or vice versa. George and Marla Surgent attended for the first time and were both able to participate in the races. (No, Marla hasn't built her killer boat yet ... she borrowed one from Herb Jones.)

A diamond-shaped course was established (primarily because three of the marks were already in place). Because of the wind patterns around various buildings adjacent to the lake, it was possible to sail 'upwind' on each of the four course legs throughout the day, sometimes sailing upwind and downwind on the same leg! In fact, the variable and moderate conditions proved to be almost perfect conditions for the two Chesapeake 50s present (Herb's Lady Peg and Frank's Linda Lee), which took the gun in all of the races, shutting out of first place the venerable Whitehaven, operated by Bob Jones, and George Surgent's speedy Sharpie. Marla Surgent provided a glimpse of future glories as she drove Herb's Bugeye to a third place finish in Race #2, clear in front of hubby George.

Kent Wells, of the Maryland Model Yacht Club in Columbia, Maryland, captured a couple of great sailing shots of the schooners as they raced throughout the day, including the following:

The Whitehaven, operated by Bob Jones, takes a strong puff in stride and accelerates down the second leg of the course. The Whitehaven was in the top positions throughout the day, suffering only when caught on the wrong side of a wind-shift.  
(Click photo for enlargement)

(Click photo for enlargement)
  Left: The Sharpie and Lady Peg are waiting for the breeze to pick up as they approach the second mark of the course.

Below: The Sharpie accelerates quickly as a strong puff hits both boats, putting some distance between it and the Lady Peg as it heels over.


(Click photo for enlargement)

Ed Gera's Bugeye edges out Herb Jones' Bugeye, operated by Marla Surget, at the start of the race.  
(Click photo for enlargement)

A total of seven races were recorded for the regatta, with the following official results:

  1st 2nd 3rd
Race #1 Frank Pittelli Bob Jones Herb Jones
Race #2 Frank Pittelli Bob Jones Marla Surgent
Race #3 Herb Jones Frank Pittelli George Surgent
Race #4 Herb Jones Bob Jones George Surgent
Race #5 Herb Jones Frank Pittelli Bob Jones
Race #6 Herb Jones George Surgent Frank Pittelli
Race #7 Herb Jones Frank Pittelli Bob Jones

2003 Vintage Traditional Watercraft Regatta - Sept 26-28, 2003

What happens when you bring together a fleet of vintage model yachts, their gallant skippers, and plenty of spouses into an area that was recently visited by a hurricane ... lots of fun. And that's exactly what happened at the USVMYG 2003 Vintage Traditional Watercraft Regatta held on September 26-28, 2003 in glorious Solomon's Island, Maryland. For the second year in a row, the regatta was hosted by the Great Schooner Model Society and the Solomon's Island Model Yacht Club at the Calvert Marine Museum. See 2003 Vintage Traditional Watercraft Regatta for photos and stories.