The Great Schooner Model Society

Event Reports

Surgent Spring Regatta - April 3, 2005

by Marty Hayes

Well, the winds were too much again. Oh, some boats got out but the racing was never to be. Frank's Great Junk did launch and could do well on broad reaches, but tacking was a big problem because every time he turned into the wind, the speed dropped off and the rudder lost steerage enough to pull it through the wind. The wind moderated at times and Herb launched but it came back soon, and he was in survival mode too. So, we had a great lunch and chat session but no racing on this day.

Calvert Marine Museum - May 22, 2005

by George Surgent

Sunny skies prevailed as six schooners, their captains and five mates gathered under the Drum Point light house. Though the wind was fluky we managed to get thirteen races in. The museum's 60ft bay boat was away for the entire afternoon so there were no stoppages for her comings and goings.

The racing was dominated by Al Suydam and his Nina with seven wins and John Atwood and his Chesapeake 50 with four wins. Herb Jones and his Chesapeake 50 sneaked in for two wins. Buck McClellan's sleek Shadow was a consistent threat with four seconds. Richard Rogers' Baltimore Clipper Pride of Solomons made its racing debut sailing majestically with jib and topsails furled.

New member Alan Cady showed up later in the afternoon with the newly completed hull of his Chapelle schooner. He was very thankful for all the helpful tips and ideas for completing his model. Thanks to Annie Michnowitz and Marla Surgent for their expert handling of the chase boat. And thanks to everyone for all the tasty contributions to the pot luck lunch.

Race results in order of finish:

	Race  1: Atwood, Suydam, Jones
	Race  2: Atwood, Surgent, Jones
	Race  3: Suydam, McClellan, Jones
	Race  4: Atwood, McClellan, Suydam
	Race  5: Jones, Suydam, McClellan
	Race  6: Suydam, McClellan, Surgent
	Race  7: Suydam, McClellan, Jones
	Race  8: Suydam, Atwood, Jones
	Race  9: Suydam, Atwood, Jones
	Race 10: Suydam, Surgent, Atwood
	Race 11: Suydam, Atwood, Jones
	Race 12: Atwood, Jones, Suydam
	Race 13: Jones, Suydam, Atwood

St. Mary's City Maritime Heritage Festival - June 18, 2005

Jones' Regatta - July 31, 2005

by Kent Wells

Marty Hayes' Lady Jane

On the left is Herb Jones' Lady Peg. On the right is Marty Hayes' Vivian (Malabar VI).

On the left is Ed Gera's Brown, Smith and Jones.
I sneaked in my Carolyn L again on the right, waaay in the background.

This is the bugeye from the gentleman from Ohio. I'm afraid I don't remember his name.

The two Chesapeake 50 hulls that were present.
On the left is Herb Jones' Lady Peg. On the right is Kent Wells' Carolyn L.

Ed Gera's Bugeye is coming, the Ohio Sharpie is going.

The two Marty Hayes' boats.
Lady Jane is in the background; Vivian in foreground.

The venerable Regatta Director, Herb Jones, at his ease during lunch time.

Ed Gera talking to a couple passers-by during lunch.

Bow of Ed Gera's Brown, Smith and Jones

Stern of Ed Gera's Brown, Smith and Jones

The deck of the Ohio Sharpie.

Race results in order of finish:

	Race  1: Hayes, Jones, Tyson
	Race  2: Jones, Hayes, Tyson
	Race  3: Jones, Hayes, Wells
	Race  4: Jones, Tyson, Hayes/Wells
	Race  5: Tyson, Jones, Hayes
	Race  6: Jones, Wells, Gera
	Race  7: Gera,  Hayes, Jones
	Race  8: Tyson, Wells, Jones
	Race  9: Tyson, Hayes, Natoff
	Race 10: Tyson, Gera,  Natoff

Task Force 50 Precision Steering - August 21, 2005

USVMYG Vintage Traditional Watercraft Regatta - September 23-25, 2005

Surgent Fall Regatta - October 16, 2005