The Great Schooner Model Society

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American Model Yacht Association
The mother of all model sailing clubs. The AMYA has a large number of members and affliated clubs around the country that encourage the building and racing of model sailing boats of all kinds.

U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group
An AMYA Special Interest Group that focuses on the "preservation, building, and sailing of older model yacht designs, and the study of the history of the sport of model yachting."

Southern California Schooner Fleet
A fleet of R/C sailing schooners for the nostagia and fun of these grand old ships. Racing and winning are important but the number one rule is "REPLICA".

St. Michael's Skipjack Club
A sailing club devoted to the building and racing of Chesapeake Bay Skipjack models. The Skipjack Club is sponsored by the St. Michael's Maritime Museum.

Solomon's Island Model Boat Club
A full service model boat club sponsored by the Calvert Maritime Museum and chartered by the AMYA, SSMA, and VMYG. The SIMBC hosts weekly Skipjack 48 Races and other model boating events.

Washington Ship Model Society
The Washington Ship Model Society was founded in 1929 and is the oldest continuously active ship model club in the United States. Society membership has included such notables as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Major (and later General) George Patton, Howard I. Chappelle and Paul E. Garber.

The Model Yacht
A free internet resource for the understanding, sharing, and promotion of classic and vintage model yachting interests and activities.

SchoonerMan Schooner & Tall Ship
"Schoonerman" is a site for lovers of all tall ships! Here you will find schooners, brigs, brigantines, barks and fully rigged tall ships. If you love the history of the sea or the feel of the wind in your sails enjoy these tall ships of yesterday and meet the seafaring men that sailed them.

Commercial Sites

Seaworthy Small Ships
Supplier of wooden pond model boat kits that are easy to build, easy to operate and affordably priced (starting under $10.00!!!) These kits are a great way to introduce children and adults to model ships that actually sail.

Laser Cut Frames
Milton Thrasher provides a collection of laser cut frames that can be used to construct various plank-on-frame models in various lengths.

Taubman Plans Service International
Taubman is the largest supplier of plan sets in the U.S. and a portion of his catalog is online at this site. You can also order a complete catalog, which is well worth the money.

The Christian-Schmidt Bookstore
A great collection of books and plans for a wide range of military and merchant ships, from all around the world.

Sea Dragon Marine Art Studio
Supplier of Maritime Art, consisting of Marine Paintings and classic Wooden Ship Models, specializing in Classic Wooden Schooners, Classic Sailboats, West Coast Fishing Trollers and other Older Work Boats of the 1800's and early 1900's. Sea Dragon also does commissioned paintings and models! They have an extensive list of real-world schooners and schooner related sites.

Pond Boats by Midlife Models
Builders and designers of contemporary Pond yachts. Handmade one-designs for R/C Sailing. High quality materials, craftsmanship and hardware. Great sailing and beautiful for display.

Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Model Sailing Ships
SC&H produces and sells a collection of 1:24 scale square-rigged, radio-controlled ship models. The models can be purchased ready-to-sail or in a form requiring the owner to complete the details and painting.

Model Yacht Fittings
The name says it all ... this web site offers a variety of model yacht fittings. Nicely made out of brass.

Clear View Designs
Clear View Designs has been manufacturing museum quality glass display cases since 1985. They make custom display cases for museums, antique stores, collectors of fine ship, train, and car models, sports memorabilia, dolls, and many other fine collectible items.