Captains At Play

Body English At Work Some of the captains truly believe that a slight lean or a twisting motion can actually help their boats perform better. Others take a more casual approach to the whole affair.

Father And Daughter Relax Left: Frank and Sandy enjoy some quiet time with a radio controlled goose. Sandy is especially adept at making the goose spin in circles to the joy of all spectators. Concentration Is The Key
Right: Frank, Marty and Herb concentrate on the task at hand, trying to find that elusive edge that will allow them to slip past the others.

It's not all fun in a club. Sometimes you've got to get down to work and solve some problems. Here, the membership votes in George as the Vice Commodore, plans the yearly schedule of events and debates how world peace can be achieved through the application of schooner power. Society Meeting

Lunch-Time Feast Every Society regatta includes a great lunchtime feast during which captains can analyze the morning races (i.e., tell stories about them) and spouses can find out why all that time spent in the shop doesn't seem to make the boats go faster.