Atlantic II Schooner

The Atlantic model shown here was built by Buck McClellan after a brief stay with Commodore Conant, based on a hull molded by Frank Pittelli. The deck, bulwark and spars are made of wood and she is ballasted with steel shot embedded in epoxy.

The hull was ballasted to the load waterline (in fresh water - the bath tub). The load waterline was determined from the yacht's lines drawings obtained from the Smithsonian. The sail plan was scaled from a photograph of the yacht.


Atlantic has 3 proportional winches which control the sheets for (1) the headsails, (2) the fore, main and mizzen and (3) the running backstays on the mizzen. The fourth R/C channel is used for the steering servo.

The yardarm on the foremast is not included in the model although it is clearly visible in the vertical stowed position in the photograph.

Atlantic's very low freeboard, requirement for many through deck fairleads and her tendency to collect water and short out the R/C control system lead me to retire this little beauty to the display shelf.