Lady Peg - Chesapeake 50

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Herb Jones has won a number of first place awards for his well-crafted sailboats and his Chesapeake 50 is no exception. As seen here for it's first appearance out of the workshop, the boat has very clean lines and displays fine workmanship throughout. The only thing that Herb didn't like about the boat was the way the color turned out (it looked much better on the outside of the paintcan). Fortunately, that was easily fixed with a little more time in the shop after it's maiden voyage.

A close-up of the cabin exterior shows Herb's attention to detail. Everything is scratch-built, including the brass portholes, sky-lights, turn-buckles and boom hardware. In fact, Herb designed an interesting rigid boom-vang for the foresail that stirred up quite a discussion amongst the rest of the Society members.

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After receiving its final colors and a second set of sails, the Lady Peg sails alongside the Whitehaven, which was built by Herb's father in 1935. Two beautiful models spanning nearly three-quarters of a century.