Vivian - Malabar VI

In my shipyard near Annapolis, MD., Vivian is taking shape. She is being built by use of some plans lent to me by Herb Jones. My newest schooner will be launched this coming spring. At present with Ballast installed, she weights 20 pounds.

Below are some pictures of the progress on her.

Planking being completed


Lead keel installed

A 5 lb poured keel on the bottom and the rest as pellets inside the existing wooden structure.



Sub deck mostly installed

Vivian under Sail


I like to make sure the deck is waterproof (leak proof), so I install a 1/32" plywood sub deck and test it to make sure it is waterproof around the edges. This is before adding any of the deck planking that will go on top of the plywood.

Near the first of April, Vivian got her first trial sail near Columbia, MD.  No other ships on the water so the trials only showed that she could sail away and back to the dock.  Some heavy winds out on the lake laid her over on her side, but mostly she stood up to the wind gracefully.