Sharpie Schooner

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My interest in the sharpie schooner was piqued by George Surgent's version of the type. I saw his sharpie when I sailed at Solomons in 2003 and just had to build one. Such sweet lines and graceful sheer!

Anyhow, my boat is built to lines taken off a 44 foot North Carolina Sharpie Oyster Schooner by Howard Chapelle in about 1953. The prototype worked the shallows around Albemarle Sound in NC. I found the lines in the Nautical Research Journal and had them enlarged. I built my boat to be just 50" on deck. Several of the guys in SIMBC are using these plans to build similar boats. By next season there will be 5 or 6 of them. What a sight that will be !

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I don't have any digital, images of it under construction, but it's all birch ply frames and planking with pine keelson, stringers, etc. The deck is eastern white cedar finished bright. It sails way better than I do. If I ever get it under control it will be pretty competitive, for now it's just plain fun.