Schooners Underway

Skipjacks Race At Spring Lake The Skipjack members race at Spring Lake, New Jersey in brisk air. The local sailors gasped as they watched a well-fought, bare-knuckles, traditional Maryland Skipjack race.

Entire Schooner Fleet
Most of the schooner fleet sails around after a series of friendly races.

The lead boat rounds the mark, with two others in hot pursuit. The Great Schooner Society isn't well known for serious racing, but everyone has fun and has a chance of winning. Three Ships Round The Mark

Trimaran Chasing Bugeye Frank's hi-tech Trimaran chases Marty's infamous Bugeye around the course. In brisk air, as seen here, the Bugeye heals heavily but cuts nicely into the wind. The Trimaran shows the power of its design in heavy air in an attempt to overtake the better turning Bugeye during a short course race.

Bugeye and Lynx Tack At The Mark
The Jones' Bugeye completes it tack and heads away from the mark,
while the bow of Mel's Lynx crosses through the wind.